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chat bot development

Now a days messaging Chat bots are becoming more and more popular. Artificial intelligence(AI) and natural language Processing (NLP) advancements further encouraging businesses to leverage chat bot capabilities

Viion can develop a chat bot for the businesses and integrate over various channels including Facebook , Web/Mobile Apps etc . We have developed chat bot for some of the leading businesses and eCommerce platforms. Viion already developed a chat bot platform which enable us to quickly develop and deploy a cost effective chat bot in very short time .

    Key highlights of our chat bot integration

  • Unique Bot designs to ensure bot stands out from others
  • AI /NLP integration to give a smooth conversation experience to users
  • Our deep knowledge on chat bot helping us to leverage all possibilities chat bot offers
  • Leveraging of our analytics and Big Data learning experience , we are able to provide a continues improvement cycle to bot (Viion Big Data)
  • Integration with various advertising channels and leveraging our analytics driven digital advertising platform interbeeps.

what is a chat bot

According to Gartner By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with the enterprise without interacting with a human (Ref:Gartner Report) .

ChatBots provides an automated human like conversation capability with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. Using chatbots businesses can interact customers and answer customer queries and complete multiple business transactions with out human interaction .

how chat bot can help businesses

Below are some of the sample use cases to understand chat bot further

Assume a customer want to order a pizza from a local store which he used to buy regular .Instead of calling them , Going through Website ,Mobile app – He can simply send a message – Hi Buddy , Please send me a pepperoni regular pizza” via a chat bot of the restaurant. Chat Bot can take the order and respond back “it will be delivered in 30 minutes” . As system have knowledge about customer , address etc for regular customer bot can automatically process the order

Uber , Domios already started taking bookings using facebook bot .

Information sharing , Employee collaboration etc

Customer support – Customer support is another area businesses can leverage chat bot capabilities

facebook messenger chat bot development

Facebook offers Facebook Chat bot option to businesses to interact with customers . With 1.2 billion monthly users Facebook Messager Facebook chat bot offers a great channel to enterprises to interact with customers . Facebook messenger platform have many capabilities to customize chat bot and provide a unique experience to customers.

Facebook continue bringing new capabilities in every releases and considers chat bot as one of their key strategic platform

If you want to develop a custom chat bot for your business please contact us at info@staging.Viion.com